Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tuesday tea @ twelve

Today's tea was topped off with an appearance from our lil' {hannah}. I'm so happy when we can stay long enough for her to drop by after school. I'm so happy to have met her.
I (((hug))) you, {hannah}!
You are a Very sweet, Very brave, & Very pretty girl.

Monday, March 28, 2011

see you later, alligator

{ida} & {raj}'s last visit.
We planned to play some cards,
but we couldn't pause our talking.
I think we didn't want there to be an end to the night.
We drank our tea & snacked on pastries.

It's hard to say good-bye
when you move across the country.
We love you guys very much.
We will miss you all the more!
Good night, {ida}.
Good night, {raja}.

We hope to see you before too long.
After awhile, crocodile.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

papa noland

Today we were doubly graced, Thai in the noon hour and scrumptious cakes in the evening.

Our lovely neighbors' in-laws & younger siblings were in town and since they happened to know my husband's parents long ago, we were invited out to dessert down at Papa H's on NW 23rd.

Hot water with a squeeze of lemon is a nice pairing with these delightful desserts from their pastry case.

party in my mouth

Today we were invited out to lunch by some awesome friends of ours from the great land across the river. *grin* We were really REALLY hungry when we arrived in downtown Vancouver, WA at the Thai Orchid. And I tell you, there's nothing quite like a family-style collection of Thai dishes spread before you, unless of course they're in your tummy! Mmm Mmm Mmm. Thank you, Patrick, Havi, & Liya. You guys ROCK!

Afterwards we took a little drive over to check out Lake Vancouver.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


March 21-26, DH's actual Spring Break.

While I was feeling better, unfortunately my DH got his version of my sickies. :( So we spent our two week 'vacation' pretty much cooped up at home trying to get better. We got a lot of cuddling time in, a few movies watched, and spent a lot of time caring for each other ~ so that made it redeemable.
But no tropical vacations, . . . yet anyways.
O well, at least we are feeling better now and can start his final term of undergraduate studies somewhat rested.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

more of nw 23rd

After a week of feeling weak and terrible, having to stay in close proximity of the restroom (TMI, TMI) and of only being allowed to eat a B.R.A.T. diet while having to watch others consume delectable dishes I finally was feeling up to getting out and about. Thankfully the weather was cooperating so my DH and I took a drive down the hill to walk around in the down town area and then to explore a little more of the northern parts of NW 23rd St. We stumbled across this great ol' place called Besaw's with an amazing happy hour menu that we'll have to visit again soon. We ordered their pulled pork sandwiches. I had to doggie-bag mine because my stomach was giving me trouble again. So I settled for a few rounds of ginger ale. The best part of the day was getting out of the house with my love. Thanks lovey for the afternoon stroll. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

first & final. . .

Today is my hubby's last final of Winter term! Hurray! That's the end of German classes as he knows it. I'm so happy for him. Since it's only Monday of finals' week, it's even more reason to celebrate... cuz this means that he has almost two weeks of Spring break! Too bad I'm feeling sick. :( But I'm glad that we can have the ample time to rest up. Wish we were able to go traveling some place, though often times that's not all that restful anyways. So we'll just be thankful for the time to rest before we need to gear up for his last term of his undergraduate studies!!! The excitement is building!!! Bring it on!!! :)

Even though I'm not feeling well today, we have two sista friends from Austin that are expected to arrive sometime today, {KL} & {PL}. They are on their Spring break and making their way through some of the NW. Today they will arrive from Seattle. They have their itinerary all planned out, GPS, and a rental car. These girls really got it together. Hopefully I will feel up to meeting up with them for dinner.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

five crowns, two siblings, & i.

With My DH's sister on the verge of leaving Portland for the far away land of Orlando, Florida soon we had to make a visit to spend some time with her at her cottage in Sellwood. We weren't able to stay long because of Geoffrey. He's a very good kitty, but that doesn't stop the allergy attacks that my hubby gets from him. Thankfully the little town of Sellwood-Moreland has a lot to offer. We took a stroll in the rain, because it's Oregon, and it's attempting to be Spring. Finding our way to Oaks Bottom Public House, the latest branch in the Lompoc family tree, together we enjoyed a beverage and a happy hour spread of Texas tots while playing a full game of Five Crowns. On the walk back to {ida}'s we got a call from {momma j} telling us that one of her recent watercolor paintings had been sold at {rc}'s school's auction for over $300! Yeah {momma j}!

Hmm, I surely need to get back into that rhythm of taking photos. Relying simply on my words alone is getting daunting. But it's a good exercise, whether I'm really able to portray things the way I would like to is another matter. :/

Saturday, March 12, 2011

a whole new world. . .

The Lord has arranged that as of today we are re-entering

the world of Corporate Living.

My DH and I have decided to open our 2nd-bedroom to a student, {lulu}.
She's a smarty-pant Chem major with a minor in French.
Has developed a good sense of how studying pays off.
Appears to be shy, but it quite out-going.
Loves to laugh.
Loves to sing.
Loves the Lord.
She's considerably helpful.
Eager to learn new things.
Knows how to get around via Pub-transit.
Not afraid of hiking the hill of Portland Heights.

She has had to live in at least two other places within the last year:
Her more recent past-dwelling place was sold out from under her.
The one before that the family's son was coming back home to live.
She has been quite the sport through it all,
humbly receiving the Lord's sovereign arrangement
and placement in her life, and yet we could not help but recognize
the cry for something constant.
Furthermore, we wanted to give her a place she could call home for at least a year while she finishes up at the community college.

This blessed provision will enable us, Lord willing, to remain in our God-given dwelling for another year.
One month at a time. One day at a time.
Thank You, Lord.

Friday, March 11, 2011


There's just no easy way to say this.
I am truly very saddened.

Last Sunday night (3/7) I heard the very sad and shocking news
concerning the death of one of my good friend {lg}'s younger brothers.
He died from crashing into a tree while test driving a motorcycle.
He was only 18 yrs old.

He was the third of four children.
He is survived by his father {rg} & mother {lg},
his older brother {dg}, his older sister {lg}, and younger brother {jg}.

Words just cannot express how much I ache for them.

I am never any good at expressing my sentiments, especially in times like these.
In addition to praying with those around me for the family immediately after hearing the news, I was able ask the Lord for the strength & courage to reach out to my friend and her family in this time. Not knowing what to say or do & scared nearly to the point of paralysis to say the wrong things... I managed to text her. Letting her know that I loved her, and was wanting to be there for her in any way possible. Praying so much through it all. I was relieved when I heard back from her, she was ok, but knowing that she must also be in shock I just kept praying. The next day (Monday) through the rest of the week I dropped everything else that was on my plate and drove up to their place every morning for the entire day just to be with her and her family. There was nothing else I felt that I should be doing. I was so thankful to the Lord for the flexibility in my schedule to be able to spend this time with them. And so thankful to all the sustaining prayers of His Body and for the true witness of the practice of the Body life. Whether it was helping them do ordinary things like eating, cooking, cleaning; or just being there to cry, laugh, take care of business, making preparation for the memorial... the Lord was manifested!
What a glory to the Lord and a defeat to His enemy!

Tonight was his memorial service.
Another sweet manifestation of the Lord's care.
We all miss {mg} very much. . .

My personal memory of our sweet, smiling brother {mg}'s childhood:
I'll never forget you goofing off while I substitute home-schooled you and your siblings so long ago.
The gummy bears stuck to the ceiling of the meeting hall.

And the time you got stuck up in that tree and we had to go knock on a neighbor's door to find/borrow a ladder to get you down.

You were shy, but adventurous.

You were {mg} and we loved you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

weds. night dinners

It was fun that Caro was in home on her early Spring break.
( 80% is in the homes. )

Carolina, Liya, & Becky.

Havi & Lulu.

Da Girls.

Da Guys.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

trivial pursuit

A 24-hr conference weekend.
Friends in town.
Great time for a try at Trivial Pursuit.

The Teams:
Erik & I.
(see last pic below)
Dan & Temple.
(Mom&Pop lovebirds)
Anthony & Karen.
(the love birds)
Dawn & Christina.
(the amazing masterminds)

I was never really that good at this game, but they now have an excellent up-to-date version of this game with more choices for topics... and best of all, BETTING. That's right, you don't have to KNOW IT ALL to win this time. You can bet against your opponents ability to answer the questions correctly or not. You too can collect oodles of coins... and then BUY your pie pieces.
It's not over til. . .

Had to document this because we have never done this well.
Might be the most moo-lah we'll see in a long time. hehe.

Friday, March 4, 2011

'get out of jail free' - card

~ The ground of locality is not a prison wall. ~

In the Body there is the supply to what you need.

Cry out to the lord and do not let Him go!

All that you need is in the Body:
the understanding.
the fellowship.
the covering.
the protection.

The Lord is ready in His tender shepherding to guide you through.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what the lord wants, what the lord needs. . .

Enjoyment from the Word:

Leviticus 27:30 ~ note 1: Leviticus, a book on what God has done for our enjoyment, ends with God's aspiration that we vow to devote ourselves to Him.

God has done everything for us, and now He needs us to enjoy Him.

At the end of the Leviticus God expresses His aspiration & expectation that we vow to devote to Him:
whatever we are,
whatever we have, and
whatever we can do.

The purpose of this devotion is that
we would enjoy the Lord in all that He has prepared for us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ida & raj & pecan pie

I've always been a firm believer in celebrating birthdays all birth-week long which on this occasion has worked out perfectly. Since his actual b-day was filled with homework and a nephews' b-day party we were forced to delay my DH's festivities til now. So today we were blessed by my DH's sister and bf coming over for a game of Five Crowns and a slice of homemade pecan chocolate pie. The pie was her b-day gift to him. When she had asked him what he wanted without a hesitation he requested: Pecan pie with a surprise of something inside. He surely knows what her specialty is. And I have to agree, she truly does make the most delicious pies. You'll just have to believe me, for sadly there are no pics of this time.

Happy belated Birthday (again) Schatzi!

more than a triple t.

Not only is today: Tuesday Tea @ Twelve . . .

It also is Ty-Ty's actual 4th b-day.
Happy birthday, Big Boy!

Isn't he a cutie?
(foto taken shamelessly from his momma's FB)