Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a few pics... i couldn't resist...

somewhere on day two...

an extra-terrestrial sighting. :)

gas, grub, and a sunset in Texas.

the grub... we actually survived. :P

cyrus excited about brewing the days coffee from the hotel room in Benson, AZ.

the days end...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

onward ho!

I am at a Best Western (hurrah!) in Santa Barbara, CA getting ready for bed, but need to download my photos to unload my camera so I can keep photo-documenting this journey we're on. I, of course, have MANY great shots to show y'all. Yet while I probably won't be able to post much while I'm here on the road, I do, however, plan to post photos and some travel-stories once we're more settled up North (or at another location due to the extreme weather our current destination is having). You can meanwhile see Cyrus&Margo's blog for a few of our travel details/photos (updated as we go from her iPhone).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

o the weather outside is . . .

i n c o n c e i v a b l e ! ! !

T'was an absolutely freezing (esp for us Austinites) evening as the snow feel on Austin last night. Even after three hours of the glorious white specks sprinkling the sky the accumulation is not much to speak of... but it's cold cold cold... o so cold!!! I suppose the good Lord wants to prepare us some for our soon-to-be new life in the NW this winter. It's so wild that at noon yesterday it was 81F at Austin-Bergstrom, then with a mighty gust of wind a cold front blows in... temperatures drop 50degrees... and wahla! the light rain turns to sleet and then conforms to some combination of sneet or slow ... o wait, it is. . .

* * SNOW! * *

Wish I could post the video of Erik leaning over the balcony to catch the fresh snowflakes on his tongue!

And then today I'm reading anothernicole's blog and woooaaah!!! as I read it I totally got tripped out by the *snow* falling through the words, nice touch ‘Cole. :) Seriously though, it had me going! [For a second there I thought my computer had a virus... then I remembered that would be inconceivable. Why? because I own a mac]. :P

So in that case. . .
let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

Monday, December 1, 2008

hello december!

Great Form, Jupiter! Great Form, Venus! Great Form...
...ation, Moon!
Got this photo of Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon

while in the parking lot at Cabella's in Buda, TX.

Didn't know exactly what planets they were until I heard a news report and saw some of their photos. Says it only happens a couple times a year. Yeah for a nice clear evening to catch it. Wish my hand could have been a little more steady, this is a little blurred. Earlier this week the moon was a mere sliver, but LARGE and oh so low on the horizon. Wish I could have had my camera ready for a photo of it.