Sunday, May 18, 2008

happy birthday, daddy!

Today, up in Portland my family (minus Erik and I) are all gathered to celebrate my dad's first birthday as a retired man. That's right, after 28 years of supporting the fam by means of the up-and-down life of the elevator industry my father has finally reached retirement. Yeah! for him!

As I understand it, he's been keeping himself occupied with various landscaping plans including planting hedges around the yard. Thankfully the weather has been incredible up there this time of the year. Mom says that having dad around is like having a date every single day. *grin* I'm so glad that they can spend these days together.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We LOVE you!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

erik's kitchen kreation

Intentionally spelled with a K, this Kreation was born from the contents of our fridge and devoured by my very pleased-with-himself husband.

He calls it his Saterday Sandwich.

Yes, again intentionally with an E. :) E for Erik... or just to make the title a little catchy or as some one else has stated "cute". He loves to make sandwiches - especially on Saturdays. So after his late morning cups of coffee he goes to the fridge to see what he can find. This weeks' creation inspired him to photograph it and start a facebook group in it's honor.

Check it out here: The Saterday Sandwich!

If you have a sandwich that you love to make, just created yourself, or think he should try leave him a post there regarding it and upload a photo if you've got one.

I'm trying to lure him in the way of blogger... so I started him a page in the same name... look here... don't know if it will katch. *grin*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

five months & lovin' it!

Even though along with getting married my life was marked with so much change that has been taking me some time to become adjusted to, I am still happy I got married. It's been so sweet to have a DH to pass through this change with. He is truly my Schatzi (German for Sweetheart).

Today was marked by no special joy or grief or strife. Getting along with only one working car, I ventured to change my dreaded three-day (Th/F/M) 5th grade substitute position in a ghetto area to a two-day (F/M)Art at a different school, thus giving Erik and I the day to spend together. We slept late and then drove my car over to his folks to give it a much needed bath. He successfully repaired one of the few disfunctional cars in the driveway and we gave that one a bath as well. After a short visit with his mom we headed out to the grocery store to see about some grub. The evening was spent with our home meeting core group. It's been sweet to see what the Lord has been doing in and among us at this time.

Friday, May 2, 2008

the after-glow

We've really been enjoying our Friday night home meeting this semester. Especially some of the 'after-glow' times of singing and psalming with our hearts to the Lord... and other times just cuttin' the rug with our homies. hee hee. j/k. *wink*

(Not pictured: Mary & Jeremy. Special guest: Neal)