Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year !

After our first winter training video message we headed over to our friend Inna's place for some delicious Russian fair. It really was delicious! Here are a few photos of the food.
Her son Dima was there and his cousin by the same name, as well as her mom. It was a sweet time with some dear friends. Played some Dutch Blitz and built a puzzle to help pass the time. *grin*
Good times. Good friends.

Dima received a chinese lantern hot-air balloon from his father... and insisted upon lighting it even though it was freezing outside and very very windy. Needless to say, it did not rise. And if it had, it surely would have landed in a tree or rooftop and started a fire. I'd really like to try one one-day.
Dima & Dima. And the balloon they were trying to stomp out. *grin*

pastries & companions

After sending my DH's folks off we crawled back into bed for some much needed sleep-in. When we woke our neighbors had texted and wanted to take us out to a place in NE Pdx Petite Provence for a pastry and coffee. We had a wonderful time and want to go back when we can eat brunch there together. The pastries were definitely yum, but the entrees look so divine. I *heart* my neighbors... and my DH who shared his pastry with me. *grin*

f-bach folks

Week TWO of DH's winter vacation we got a little visit from the in-laws... t'was really nice to see them. So happy they could make the trip up to see us. Now that my DH's younger sister also lives in Portland there is even more draw for them to come and visit. *grin*

-monday- 12/27
We enjoyed a lovely dinner upon their arrival together with my DH's sister & her BF. Welcome to the family Raj. *lol*

-tuesday- 12/28
Then we had brunch at her and Raj's place in Sellwood the next day. *More good times.*
Geoffrey. the cat.
Momma J & Ida.
Raj, Rolf, & my sweet DH.

[more photos...when Ida posts/emails them]

-wednesday- 12/29
Met up with my folks for some family time. Later in the day we returned home and hosted our neighbors for dinner. No pics but some really good fajitas! ~A very happy B-day to my big bro. I love you! ~Also called grandma dot (my DH's grandma) to wish her a happy b-day.

-thursday- 12/30
Painting day for MIL and me. SIL kept us company later in the day. FIL and DH ran man-errands then joined us as well. In the evening we took the folks to a home gathering. It is always good to meet with other believers.
The scene at our place.
Isn't her watercolors great? I love this one.
-friday- 12/31
Said our goodbyes to the folks...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

ho ho

Holidays with the fam.
Complete with a viewing of Home Alone. Classic.

I didn't get photos from the actual Thanksgiving dinner this year, nor did I manage to take some pics of the food from Christmas lunch/dinner at my sister's place... but here are a few pics from the time at her house.
Bree with Rosemary & Blueberries.
The ornaments I had bought her over the years when I was a student in college in Austin.

The simplest presents got the most use...
poor boy may have suffered from the fumes afterward though. *grin*

Monday, December 20, 2010


It is such a joy to open our home & especially to dine with some good friends.
Tonights menu: Bibimbap. Korean for "mix-and-rice".

Yongjun & Erik heating the dishes.
Millicent ushering the food to the table.
(*forgot the name of this one)
My bowl. It was delicious!

And for dessert: Almond Jello salad
(complete with fruit cocktail, lychee fruit, & coconut jellies)

Friday, December 17, 2010

purple mountains majesty

It was a cold blistery winter day in our 'backyard'... up the hill in a park called Council Crest there is an amazing view point of four mountains on a clear day. Just before we reached the top the sun had been shining so gloriously upon the face of Mt Hood & Mt St. Helens... and as you can see here, the sun decided to grace Mt Rainier at the moment these photos were taken. It was REALLY cold. Time to pull out the thermal undergarments.

Mt Hood.
Mt St. Helens (of Washington) and Mt Rainier (in the glorious light).
I'm telling you, it was COLD. REAL cold.
We just love our 'backyard' here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

year three *love*

My DH and I celebrated our third anniversary today. Actually we did it a day early since the day of was going to be a busy one with a bunch of guests from out-of-town. That worked out perfectly since I was also able to get my hair done by my friend Rebekah @ Moxie for Hair. (*she's awesome, if you need anything done in that area, definitely look her up). My man dropped me off for my hair cut & highlights and then picked me up again to take me to dinner at a delicious place (forgot to take pics!) called Salvador Molly's. After dinner we headed over to this dessert place called Emilie's... only to find it closed, so we went back to our neck of the woods to the classic Papa Haydn's for some of their delectable desserts.
I love him... my dear sweet loving DH.
Waiting for our delicious dessert.
It was well worth the wait. Mmm Mmm good.