Wednesday, September 16, 2009

o the places we'll live...

Here is the long await post of our current dwelling place. I LOVE it for it's proximity to campus, it's roominess (SOOO perfect for the church life), but especially for it's charm and LIGHT. You'll see what I mean when you view the pics. I'll try to post a seasonal neighborhood views as time rolls on.

i like to mooooove it, moooove it

Yeah for a half-hour of children, music, movement, laughter, and singing! I got to help a friend out today as she begins her new business. She hosted a demo-class at the Ledding Library in downtown Milwaukie.

sign up now for a class:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a 'trillium'-times less crowded!

We set off rather late in the afternoon on Friday to find a camp site at Trillium Lake near Mt. Hood (who happens to be quite bald looking this time of the year! *gasp!*)... only to find that the campground was FULL... so we opted for the over-flow campground (which happened to be CLOSED but with the gate swung wide open and a few other happy camp-ers setting up camp). We didn't have the lake view, but we got a flowin' creek! It was actually quite awesome. Funny, it was called "Still Creek" b'cuz there wasn't anything still about it. :D Sadly we only got to camp for one night due to other obligations back in town (thankfully a short and beautiful 1.25 hr. ride) ...I will say more about this lovely time if I can grab the chance, but for now I just want to get some photos up for you all to enjoy.

We found a nice private place along the creek (within our HUGE campsite) to set up our tent:
Our campsite was surrounded by huckleberry bushes. They were delicious in the oatmeal Saturday morning. :)
A late morning sun on the creek by our tent:
A not-so-snow-capped Mt Hood:
A hike around Trillium Lake:
The 'giraffe/ostrich'-like tree we found along the way:

The End: (professional tent-cleaning *crumb nazi? maybe ;) ).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a labor day get-away : part two

Ok, all... here's the gorgeous BLUE skies that I was talking about! Can you believe it? O how I love Oregon summers. Days like these make me so happy! :)
@ Lincoln City : "D"-River Park
Erik & gang beneath puffy white clouds!
Erik manning the Beetle stunt kite... virtually indestructible.

Look at Bekah & baby maneuvering the stunt-kite!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a labor day get-away : part one

We had the opportunity to take a little break this Labor Day and head to the coast to meet up with some friends at a beach house in Lincoln City. To be honest, I wasn't really anticipating good weather, but I just couldn't resist the chance to steal away for the weekend... even if it should decide to be ugly outside. I geared up with a whole gamete of games as well as a box of my painting supplies incase we were gonna have to hunker down and hover around one of the two fireplaces at the house. We even packed rain-gear... and much to my surprise we only needed such a jacket once during the afternoon on Sunday. There were true blue skies and puffy white clouds the rest of the time. I regret not taking more people photos... and I still haven't uploaded from my camera (where the true proof of BLUE skies lies), but here are a few choice pics taken from my DH's camera: (the first four are from our drive over the coastal mounts)...
Awesome clouds on the way out to the coast.
And this boat has set off on a journey across the fruited plain...
Berry-picking... sorta... ;)

Let's go fly a STUNT-kite:
a whole crustacean band . . .
darlin' it's betta down where it's wetta . . .