Friday, January 28, 2011

guys! guys! 50 dollar bill! 50 dollar bill!

That's not the cost of chowder, but the taste.

I believe that we have discovered the BEST clam chowder on the Oregon Coast. And I'm not speaking of Mo's... Who is known for their boat-deck atmosphere. No, I'm raving about a new found place called: Wayfarer's Inn. Adjacent to a hotel this find has a newly remodeled interior with huge picture windows on-looking the haystack rocks of Cannon Beach. Yes, the rocks from the Goonies. A classic filmed on the Oregon Coast packed with adventure and comedy. A must see!
Liza & Lydia & I.
On this side and on that side of the table. . .
Lucille & Janine
Before the meal. . . a wet crew back from a walk in the wind & rain.
We will miss you Lydia!!


The newest addition to the LG family.
Why? Because she deserves her own post. That's why.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

great day for tea

The gorgeous tea house near the reflection koi pond at the gardens.

Must go back when this place is in bloom!

face-off !

O may Thy living Light, Lord, scatter all my night Lord!

Enjoying the sun light at the gazebo on the waters.
Every step I take, every move I make, I'll be watching you...
It's tea time... my tea cup was the size of a walnut. Cute!

The gardens are in the heart of the city. (below)

in China Town & the Pearl District of Portland
with Lydia Yeh & Janine.
Full album can be viewed on my facebook here.

different strokes

Recently I decided to visit a friend of mine who works a particular cosmetic line. She was hosting a 'lash-party'. I was happy to receive a little girl-friend time while learning to apply some shadows to my eyes. Growing up my sister was four years my senior so I didn't always have the opportunity to get this kind of time with her and have since then always felt a little inferior to most others in the realm of make-up. How did they do it? I occasionally would peruse a magazine for help, but never felt very secure. Even the make-up counters at the mall scared me. But in this short time with my friend I learned a few 'different strokes' and purchased myself some make-up and brushes. I am still not thoroughly confident with my applications, but at least it's a start.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's just one of those January days -
Crossing Eastbound on the Ross Island Bridge. . .
Can't see but a trace of the land that stretches beyond.

Sellwood, wherefore art thou?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

who's counting?


The day was filled with a lot of little extras added to the ordinary.
Just the way a birthday should be.
Thanks to all the friends who remembered
I enjoyed every text, call, message, & email.
Y'all are too sweet. I love you!

-- a few of the lovely things of the day --

Tea Party luncheon @ Liya's.
The Earrings she got me:

Presents & SkinniDip with Janine.

Paints & Brushes from my love.
Dinner w/ some friends:

Chipotle BlackBean, Salmon Burgers & Sweet Potatoe Fries:

Desserts made by my #1 neighbor:
German Chocolate Cupcakes (SO MOIST!)

Carmel Popcorn (YUM!)
Creme Brulee (DIVINE!)

Monday, January 24, 2011

jerusalem, if i forget you. . .

We started this 1000 piece puzzle around the turn of the New Year, and finally got a chance to finish it today. We had bought it on our venture over to the mall a weekend or so before Christmas (we don't normally go out to the malls that time of year. . . we were amazed to still have strength to shop after fighting the crazed crowds of cars in the parking lot alone). Anyways we were shopping for a specific date book (of which we were able to find the one and only copy this Barnes & Noble had), when we stumbled across this amazing puzzle. What stood out to us was:
  1. The glitter on the box... and yes, there is also glitter on the puzzle (just in spots to accentuate it). It's beautiful.
  2. Not only that, but I loved the style of the drawings. They are much like how I like to draw.
  3. It's of Jerusalem. Seriously, what's not to love?
It was a really fun puzzle to put together.

Blog post title from: Matisyahu's song: Jerusalem (Out of Darkness Come Light). He is a fun to listen to American Hasidic Jewish raggae musician. Check him out.

vote 4 camille

Attention Friends/Blog Readers:

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

ever closer still

This hymn really met my need years ago and still sticks with me through a tune I composed. Somehow reading this post by a friend of mine brought it to mind again. Perhaps it was the quote by Hudson Taylor. . .
All thy grieves by Him are ordered,
Needful is each one for thee;
All thy tears by Him are counted,
One too much there cannot be;
But if while they fall so quickly
Thou canst own His way is right,
Then each bitter tear of anguish
Precious is in Jesus' sight.

Far to well thy Savior loves thee
To allow thy life to be
One long, calm, unbroken summer --
One unruffled, stormless sea;
He would have thee fondly nestling
Closer to His loving breast,
He would have that day seem brighter
When alone is prefect rest.

- Hymn #676

Saturday, January 22, 2011

finger-lickin' good

My amazing husband mastered the art of Fried Chicken on his first try. It was oh-so-delicious! Perfectly prepared. Check out his set-up:
Upon doing some research he found that making an assembly line works best.

The finished product before entering our bellies:

Fried Chicken, I'm waitin' on you!

KFC, eat your heart out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

i wish:

- Just Because -
A girl can have a wish-list, right?
So here is what I am wishing for:
(in no particular order, and offhand as of today)

1. Le Crueset - French Oven
(Aren't they magnificent? Atleast, those colors, so nice! I can't help it!)

2. An Umbrella
( is this not an awesome one?! )

3. A pair of Wellies
(Heard that my size is also the biggest kid's size... That's a steal!)

4. Fancy Digital Camera
(still researching the perfect one)

5. Massage
(O yes!)

6. Earrings

7. Turquoise Necklace
(I've been on the hunt for the perfect one!)

Art supplies:
8. An Easel
9. Larger canvases

10. Larger brushes

11. More paint (Acrylics)

Friday, January 14, 2011

our going on is for you

We live if you stand firm in the Lord!
You live if we stand firm in the Lord!
Our going on is for you,
Your going on is for us!
Not separate entities,
We need you saints desperately!
Our dear friend Yongjun is returning to Korea
to work & then attend his mandatory millitary service.
Lord, bless and cover and keep him!
We're really going to miss you Yongjun. REALLY.
Keep up your guitar playing! You're a natural.
At his last Zoe Club Dinner.
Sungbin & Erik have "thumb's up!" for Jesus in Yongjun.