Sunday, October 16, 2011

harvest party!

Tonight we enjoyed a lovely time at our friend {molly}'s harvest party.
Delicious healthy foods.
Meeting new friends.
Carving pumpkins . . . 
would be contest, but there was no one competing in our tier bracket.

I think our 'chillaxin cowboy' is totally cute!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

jarfly greeting cards

I'm trying to win some super cute cards from a talented artist : Jarfly.  

Check out her collections here!
( and feel free to enter the contest yourself )

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

october {in retrospect}

What follows is part of a retrospective blog posting composed & written March 14, 2012 :

{Oct. 2, 2011} & {Oct 11, 2011}

REI GROUP INTERVIEW ~ I couldn't hardly sleep the night before this interview. But determined to rest as much as I can, I just laid there in bed trying to remain calm. At the interview I met two girls outside the doorway of the room. They were muttering, 'I hate group interviews!' and in my nervous desire to succeed I just replied with a smile... 'I love 'em, at least they allow us to feed off one another.' What a goon I am. :P  Anyways, long story short... of over 250 applicants, there were 25 candidates in the room, many of whom were just as cool or amazing as I was, so I really didn't know how they would pick me... and they were saying that they were hosting another interview later in the day with about the same number.... they only needed 12 or so... but after a week of agony... and being 'forced' to apply on Monday for another job at PJA {portland jewish academy} as a substitute assistant preschool teacher (which I ended up also interviewing for and getting the job)...I got the call from REI on {Oct 11, 2011} and they offered me a position as a Sales Specialist (which actually paid more than the cashier's position that I was applying for in the first place)!! WOot! Thank You Lord for Your provision!