Tuesday, July 29, 2008

family photo-shoot

With all the family around this trip, we had to opt for a family photo.

What a great lookin' clan too, I might add.

The ladies: Margaret, Valerie, Missy, Emily, Jane, & Carolina.

The men-folk: Rob, Dave, Jeff, Erik, Bruce, & Steve.

I ran in for a photo up with the guys while we waited for the rest to come in, they said my camera was slanted on the tripod, so they tried to compensate.

And I just had to catch these guys while they were shooting us girls! *grin*

Monday, July 28, 2008

oneonta gorge-ous!

The promised photos from Erik's camera.

Looking in from the log-jam.

Oneonta Gorge, Lower Falls.

and this one is for cousin Steve...

looks like something out of a movie. *grin*

gorgeous gorge

Took a little day trip out to the Columbia River Gorge with the entire fam (minus Dave, Val, & her boys). I opted for leaving my camera in the trunk of the car since I had a little idea of what to expect up ahead during our hike into the Oneonta Gorge lower falls. This is one of my favorite little hikes because while the gorge itself is an extremely narrow canyon, it is only about 1/4 mile long, but you get to walk through water, climb over log-jams, and rock climb (if you wanna try to stay dry as the rest wade through the sometimes chest high frigid waters). Thank goodness for my trusty Teva water sandals (similar ones found here at REI)! But I have to admit, a pair of Keens are looking like my next purchase in that department. I tried on a pair and their support was great, felt more like a hiking shoe too. Posted here are a few shots I took while we stopped along the road for lunch before heading in...

Erik & Sarah

Noah & Jane

Sarah & Acacia

...will try to get some of Erik's photos of the falls and post them soon!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

we are family

It was great spending some time with my family this summer. Amidst all the chaos at home there were several evenings when the whole family was together again. By whole family I mean, my folks and the four of us grown kids. As different as we all were and still are, we haven't lost that good ol' Baldwin humor. We still sit around the table and goof around and now there's four youngin's and a couple of spouses joining in the fun as well. Good food, great laughs, and happy faces! Here's a few of my favorite photos:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

the carter's

Congratulations Ben & Rebekah Carter!
July 26th, 2008.

A gorgeous evening for a backyard wedding!

What a bridal party!

It was so cute to see Bekah both cry & crack up during her vows. They're perfect for each other!

You may kiss your bride...again! :)


[sadly I missed the first pair, one of the maids of honor with the best man, sorry guys!]

Us with the lovely couple.
We were asked to do the honors of signing their papers
as witnesses to this joyous union.

We love you guys!
Happy honeymooning... and we'll see you both in a few months!