Saturday, September 25, 2010

scavenger hunt mania : part 2

My DH's Photo Scavenger Hunt group had some great photos too:

Photo of someone on your team on a motorcycle.
Group photo: Human pyramid.
Group photo with a mexican food cart.
Group photo with everyone's feet in the LoveJoy Fountain.
Group photo with a bridge.
Group photo with a bronze elk (landmark).
Photo of someone in your group with a mannequin.
Group photo with someone in uniform.
Group photo with an out-of-state license plate.
Group photo with a STOP sign.

scavenger hunt mania

This fall we hosted a Photo Scavenger Hunt with the Zoe Club at PSU. It was a blast. In addition to the photos we also had to collect items along the way (without paying for or stealing). Here are a few of my favorite photos from my group:
Someone in your group braiding a stranger's hair.
Group photo with a stranger posing near a fire hydrant.
Group photo with something that starts with the letter Z.
Group photo with a stranger who is 85 years or older (with ID).
Photo of someone in your group walking a stranger's dog.
Photo of someone in your group washing a stranger's car window.
Group photo with Portlandia (landmark).
Group photo with Parking attendant writing a ticket.
Photo of someone in your group in a shopping cart.
Group photo of everyone with their feet in the Lovejoy Fountain.
(It was a very warm day, and with all the running around that we did, we should have ended with this one!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

oysters roasting on an open fire

I know many will post something sweet and memorial since it is the 11th of September. . . but I for one would like to just tell you about the lovely evening that I had with my DH and a few friends. We took a drive out to the coast in Gearhart, Oregon to enjoy the sunset and to roast oysters. As you will see from the photos, it was an extremely awesome evening. The sunset did not disappoint. And having fire roasted oysters for the first time. . . they did not disappoint either. Sure, they may look a little scary, but believe me when I say 'They were delicious!' and that's not just because I was REALLY hungry by the time they hit my mouth. The added Guda, fresh basil, garlic & olive oil really made it sooo delicious! Honest.

tending the fire . . . watching the sun go down.

Recipe : garnish with fresh basil, cheese, and garlic-olive oil.
Throw back on the fire to melt the cheese. Mmm. Delish!

Then to add to the perfect evening. . . the silver moon came out for a little while, then fell and it was pitch dark with the stars shining so bright EVERYWHERE. Wish my camera could catch them and the milky way we could see.