Thursday, January 29, 2009

oneness through the Word

My DH was reading me some quotes regarding oneness this evening, and I just had to share them!
Whether or not we understand the Bible, as long as we read a little of God’s Word in the morning and consider this Word a little during the day, we are sanctified. -

God’s word brings in God’s reality, and in us it produces a special effect, which is to sanctify us and to deliver us from this mixed world that we may be separated unto God. -

The word of reality sanctifies us and delivers us from the mixed-up world, turning us back to the purity in God. In this way, we are one. -
Quotes taken from:
The Oneness and the One Accord according to the Lord's Aspiration and the Body Life and Service according to His Pleasure, by Witness Lee

"In Thy Word, In Thy Word,
We have oneness through Thy Word.
In Thy Word, In Thy Word,
In Thy Holy Word we're all made one!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

o valerie!

I've always liked the way your name rolls off my tongue. 
Val-e-rie... it's kind of like music. :)
H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   my long-lost-sister.

[insert photo here... it looks like we need to take some more of these too!]
It was nice having lunch with you today... looking forward to a bunch more! <3

Sunday, January 4, 2009

song of solomon 6:2

My beloved is gone...

I took him to the train station downtown this afternoon en-route to Bellingham, WA to work with his dad on a remodeling/tiling project.  It should only take about a week and a half... I miss him already. If you are reading this, dear, I love you!  Be safe. 

raindrops keep fallin' on my head...

For those of you who were able to follow along on Cy & Margo's blog (she uploaded from her iphone periodically) for our awesome road trip across half the US will know that we've made it safely to our new home-land, the great city of Portland. Being that it's winter, we were greeted by rain, of course. Fortunately (for travel-sake), yet unfortunately (for pleasure-sake) we missed the snow storm of the century!  My folks had sent us photos of my childhood home drenched in 18-inches of snow just the week before we arrived. Since we've been here (official arrival was Sunday, December 28th) we have had some occasional snow flurries and we even awoke the other day to about a half-inch of snow that had fell while we were sleeping. It, of course, melted quickly away (even though the daytime temperatures were near the mid 40s here, they still *feel* freezing to us). :P  We're constantly bundling up before going outside. I had to buy a replacement snow hat, since my other went missing on the second half of our road trip.  And I've even been tempted to stack my thermals under my jeans... Hmm, maybe tomorrow. :)  Ooo, and I also want to get a good pair of galoshes.  I keep getting interesting looks from people here... like I shouldn't be so bundled up, like I missed the boat or something... I guess the weather is much warmer here this week than the previous ones with all the ice/snow they had. Oh well, I think acclimation is going to just take some time, so I had better just get used to the funny-looks. :D :P