Saturday, October 24, 2009

fall: pumpkins, leaves, friends, & lattes

Even Spongebob got out in the fresh air.
The tree outside my window.
A sweet visit from my sister & a dear friend!
Confession: Shadows make me feel tall.
My street. Isn't it lovely!?

Friday, October 16, 2009

the Jeschke's : a fairy-tale wedding

The weather was just the right kind of pretty on this Friday afternoon wedding. And for October that is an excellent thing! No rain. Blue skies. And glorious brilliant Autumn leaves.

A piano and cello welcome the guests with luminescent melodies. The groom: eager, happy and nervously standing at the front. The cheerfully dressed bride's three attendants where escorted by the vested groom's men down the extra-wide aisle.

The bride was adorned in the 'puffiest' white gown and walked down the aisle by her two brothers in vests & top hats.

The ceremony was sweetly choreographed with the couple reading from the Song of Songs and giving their vows to one another (backed with verses! ~wink~)... sayin' their i-do's... everything was going without a hitch, until after they were asked to kiss & pronounced man & wife... the room erupts into cheering and clapping. (so it's my turn* to cue the recessional music...) ...but WAIT! a whisper to the Bride from the maid-of-honor... (I too pause because I had also noticed there was something rather important missing). The Bride turns and brakes into folding-over laughter... and says between bouts of giggles: 'WE FORGOT~giggle~giggle~THE~giggle~THE RINGS!!' Now the whole congregation is joining in laughter. And the now-'married' couple compose themselves after having flipped through their note cards and begin speaking to one another... reading from their lost cue cards... "Russell, with this ring..." "Sarah, with this ring..." Once they were finished exchanging rings they throw their hands up in the air and shout with glee, HURRAY!!!! for the recessional... loud and clear: "L- is for the way you look at me! ~ O- is for the only one I see! ~ V- is very very extraordinary! ~ E- is even more than anyone that I adore!"
Awh, THEY'RE SOOO CUTE! And completely unforgettable!
Russell & Sarah
Bride with bridesmaids
The Excitedly New Mrs. Jeschke.
NO!?!? It's not the ol' ball & chain? O yes it is.
(courtesy of Russ's ol' neighbor guy)
Great pic of mother of groom & daughter.
Two Groomsmen: The best man & the old man. heh heh...*wink*
And us. with love. <3
* [My job this special day was that of 'time keeper': sending the attendants down the isle, cueing music, adjusting the sound, & pressing PLAY on the CD player for the recessional. (how do I get roped into these things??! *grin*]

Friday, October 9, 2009

guestroom art gallery

Masterpiece Gallery
I have been enjoying using my second room at my place, not just a guestroom, but as an art-studio. Some of my favorite times are painting with others. Recently these others are lil' folks... here are some of their masterpieces:
Mt Hood & Firetruck, by Em.
HummingBird, by Acacia, age: 9
Apple&Banana, by Sarah, age: 7
I LOVE THESE... by Noah, age 4
Flower & Lavalamp, by Anthony, age 8
Streetlamp, (part 1 of a series of 7) by Erik
Apartment Building, by Jacob, age: 7

the colors of summer

Finally I have pulled myself away from all the other occupying things to post these sweet photos from the Farmer's Market down at the park blocks at Portland State University. I absolutely LOVE the colors. Infact I think I'll have to actually develop some of these for the walls of my house!