Monday, March 31, 2008

tee-hee: (i just couldn't resist)

I have this silly attraction to cheesy jokes. I just can't help it, they genuinely make me laugh. A special thanks to my friend Lydia who so kindly put this in a card for me years ago. I just rediscovered this card the other day while doing a little spring-cleaning. I laughed out loud and then had to read it to my DH. And now I will share it with y'all. Bear with me... and so without further ado:

A string walks into a bar and asks for a drink, but the bartender says "we don't serve strings." So the string gets sad, ties himself up and rumples his hair, then walks in the next day and asks for a drink. The bartender said "are you that same string that was in here yesterday?" to which the string replied "no, I'm a freyed knot."
Tee hee hee... If you have a favorite you'd like to share I promise I will laugh... genuinely and heartily.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the little red engine jeans that could

Today I scored yet again another pair of designer jeans just slightly used at a savings of well over $150! WooHoo! *grin* AND they were in my size... length is a little long, but that is always the case. I'll have them tailored or wear them rolled or with heals! Oh yah! According to Store, Red Engine jeans retail at $159 & up. I stole mine for a meager $7.99. How, you ask? Go Goodwill hunting. Oh yah! Got to love finding made in the u.s.a. goods at such a great price. This was an exceptional find, since my last pair of Citizens of Humanity also bought at that price happened to be a few sizes too big... no problem, they'll fit me when I'm preggers one of these days. (note: again, I am not presently with child, but I suppose being surrounded by people who are makes one consider it often and see it's possibility in the unseen future).

Monday, March 17, 2008

jesus take the wheel

I just have to thank the Lord for getting everything done today for me and with me. I was seriously overwhelmed the night before just considering what needed to take place today. And realizing that the length of time it would take to do some of these things was out of my hands made it ever more stressful. Thankfully the sheer weight of the day didn't cause me to pull the covers back over my head and bury myself in the darkness of the bedroom. I know someone had to be praying. In the middle of the day when time was running out, like I needed to find a place to make photocopies downtown and somehow get those copies and some other paper work to another location, park, and delivered, all within a precious 20 minutes I knew that I had to simply ask Jesus to take the wheel. I know, it's lines from a corny country song, but seriously it was a simple request that relieved me of all forms of stress because I knew that I was in the Lord's hands and if He wanted things to get there in time, He would arrange for that to happen. And that thought was what kept me sane as I finally spotted a CopyMax six blocks from my destination, parked, messed with two different copy machines and flubbed up three extra copies and had to wait for another customer carry on frivolous dialogue with the clerk while I waited to pay my measly thirty-five cents, jumped in my car, made several green lights and found a parking spot at the next and final stop, scurried from my vehicle around a dozen other offices til I located the right one. I looked at my wristwatch. 4:25. He did it! Jesus took the wheel. Infact, Jesus is the wheel. Thank You, Jesus.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

still young & in love <3

It was our 3rd month anniversary today and we decided to go canoeing at Zilker Park on Lady Bird Lake (formerly but more commonly known as Town Lake). We had a lovely time enjoying the sunshine that had already decided to share it's warm rays with us this year. Yes, yesterday was a whopping 92F. Oowie! Thankfully today it wasn't quite as hot, but seeing that my skin hasn't seen the light of day since the two days I managed to lay out last summer I ensured a bit of a burn. Nothing a little aloe and an extra set of hands couldn't cure. After our venture out on the lake we went on a snow cone hunt. Thankfully a little place just around the corner from where we were was open. Standing in the blazin' heat of the parking lot of P.Terry's where it's located staring at the multitude of favor options only made the read deal taste all the more delicious and refreshing. It also happened to be during SXSW and so there was live music to be heard nearly on any corner of town... As we waited for our snow cones a band began to play over at a new wine/art shop nearby and let's just say that we think they got kicked off the stage after their first song. We weren't complaining, they were so terrible. When our turn came I opted for the Orange Dream-cycle and my DH had Cherry Cola. Contrary to the band, the snow cones were definitely two-thumbs-up!

the yancoskie's

I do believe it's like my friend, Susanna, has said... there's not a wedding season in the church life, just a wedding nearly every weekend for the entire year.

This time is was my long time childhood friend and companion in the church in Portland, Aaron. It seems that as soon as his family moved to Portland from Miami our families would get together and hang out. There were adventures in the wooded yard, black-eyes, feasting from the garden, trampoline jumping, among many other things. Together with his three other siblings combined with my three we were quite the clan. Fun times. And now I am happy to announce that he has gotten married! Congratulations Aaron! Many blessings to you and Grace on the adventures of married life! Can't wait to me this lucky lady. :)

March 15th - Aaron & Grace Yancoskie - Diamond Bar, CA.

the lovely couple
(had to steal a photo from Stena as we counldn't make it out).

Saturday, March 8, 2008

the wilson's

They liked each other for over 6 years... and now they've finally gotten hitched! There couldn't be two people more perfectly brought together. What wonderous things the Lord has done!

March 7th - Aaron & Mandy Wilson - Austin, TXthe lovely couple.

We were so pleased to share this day with them.