Friday, September 30, 2011

september {in retrospect} part two

CRABBING ~ to wrap up this month was a weekend trip to the coast with our friends {dan} & {temple} to go crabbing. So much work, but so much fun. And fresh crab is so delicious.   Here are some fun pics from that time:
The evening after we got there we got to do some beach combing and we found some useful crabbing materials that had washed away from previous crabbers' adventures.  It was fun digging in the sea foam, seaweed/kelp, & driftwood, unearthing(do you call it that?) little hermit crabs, multi-legged starfish (aka sunfish), and other things.  Later in the evening we built a fire and enjoyed the sea-breeze and each other's company.
The next morning after a quick breakfast we ventured off to our secret crabbing spot.


baiting the crabs with chicken and fish.
My handsome {hubby} hard at work.

The guys going to fetch the crab pots.
The lovely {temple}, the Great crabbing instructor.

 It was fun to play Monopoly Deal and BananaGrams with the {hewett} clan... minus our sweet {erin} (if you're reading this, we really missed you!)

It was {temple}'s birthday... and she's beating us!
 {dan} watching the game... of course.

We drove out Thursday afternoon and stayed til lunch on Saturday. Had to get home and prepare for the group interview that I was going to have on Sunday.  It was a fun time after the first week of school. Can't wait for next year's trip!

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